FSX Reconditioning – We keep your company Green!

  • FSX offers a free recycling service for soot and ash that can save your company from paying waste disposal and keep your company from disposing of waste that can be recycled.
  • Soot and ash removed from your DPF during the cleaning process can be used as fuel. The FSX recycling division will take your soot and ash and combine it with our waste stream and have it incinerated.
  • This free service is available to FSX customers that have purchased FSX DPF cleaning equipment.
To keep your company GREEN here’s how it works:

Package your soot or ash as follows

Using a 5 Gallon Bucket:

Recycling Soot Ash Recycling
  1. Place a tight lid on bucket.
  2. Place bucket in a plastic bag.
  3. Use a sturdy box with internal packing material.
  4. Call for an FSX Authorization Number. (360.691.2999)
  5. Ship prepaid via UPS or Fed-EX

Using a 55 Gallon Barrel:

  1. Use only full lid barrels
  2. Bind to pallet using banding or shrink wrap
  3. Call for an FSX Authorization Number. (360.691.2999)
  4. Ship via prepaid ground freight.

Ship To:

ATN: Recycling Division
FSX Reconditioning Inc.
301 W Stanley St.
Granite Falls, WA 98252

Note: FSX will NOT pay freight and freight collect shipments will be rejected.
FSX will NOT accept shipments with oil or grease or any other waste other than soot and ash removed from diesel particulate filters.
FSX will provide a receipt upon request indicating the number of pounds of soot and ash received.