FSX Diesel Particulate Filter DPF and Diesel Oxidation Catalysts DOC Recycling Program Process

Industrial precious metal recycling is a key process in the production of new products. Recycling your precious metals ensures an ongoing available supply for new products, helps the environment, and puts cash back in your pocket.

Many companies will buy your scrap. Only FSX will give you the full and fair value for your scrap - and prove it!

Recycling precious metals is not as simple as putting it into your local recycle bin. Industrial refiners process several tons at a time. The batch size required is typically beyond the means of the average company.

It's important for you to know you're getting the fair value for your scrap, and not have it be lost in lower value scrap with guy next door's scrap.

That's where FSX comes in.

FSX has the technology and equipment to measure the value of each individual DPF and DOC before it gets combined with the guy next door, this ensures that you get the full and fair value for YOUR property. Refiners are experienced with the the FSX process and provide independent assays that are cross-checked to the valuations made by FSX staff. FSX has recycled thousands of DPFs and DOCs for OEMs and end-users with 100% satisfaction.

FSX is used by the largest truck and engine manufactureres to recycle their DPFs and DOCs. You benefit by participating in the same recycling programs as the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).

Transparency and accountability are the hallmarks of our service, and we look forward to serving you. Send us your scrap, and we'll send you the cash. If you aren't satisfied with the valuation of your scrap, we'll send it back!


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