FSX Recycling top 50 green company
FSX listed in the Top 50 Green Companies in Washington list


We reprocess EVERYTHING. We can recycle up to 99% of the filter.

Most people understand the basic concept of recycling - the more material you can recover, the less has to be made.

On the surface, recycling ceramic and steel doesn't seem that important. The idea of recycling tiny specs of industrial metal to get some cash out of it seems like a lot of work for a tiny bit of recovered metal.

The truth is - it IS a lot of work for a tiny bit of metal. There are also several good reasons to do it.


There are many industries that use trace elements - making LCDs for computer or TV screens, medical equipment, and industrial exhaust systems are only a few. One of the reasons there are only small amounts of certain compounds used is because some of these materials are; frankly - quite rare. Unlike commodities like coal and corn which can be found (or made) by the trainload, certain industrial compounds only exist in the tens of tons - worldwide.

Recycling these materials then takes on a new sense of importance.

Not only do we prevent un-needed scrap from going to yet another landfill, but recycling these trace elements and industrial metals ensures a supply for future products. In truth, they are re-used in the same industrial processes to make new DPFs, DOCs, and other components.


Recycling not only gets you CASH for doing it now, it saves you CASH later by making sure there are metal supplies for future products.

Now that's Green we can all relate to!